Here are some of the kind and inspiring emails I have received from people all over the world. Thanks to all those who have written to me. Your compliments
and encouragement mean a great deal to me.
Thanks, Barnaby

I wanted to tell you thank you and how special your act is. My brother traveled with me on a Zuiderdam cruise a year or so ago and we saw your act (twice actually the same night because he enjoyed it so much!). What was so special for me is that I have never seen him laugh as hard as he did watching your act! This is no exaggeration! He does have some type of mental handicap...motor skills not all functioning as they should, but not labeled "mentally challenged" as such. Anyway, he will always have to live with someone to keep an eye on him. But anyway, my point is that I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen him display the type of laughter I saw this night. I just sat and watched him once I realized what was happening. He was even crying from laughing so hard at some points. I couldn't wait until the next port to call and tell my parents about this. Thank you again. I was looking for your schedule trying to determine where you are and when I might be able to book another trip for Mike and I. I know he would be very excited to know you are onboard his next cruise.

Keep us laughing! Thanks Barnaby!


Hi Barnaby! We saw you perform on the MS Maasdam on the New England/Canada cruise at the beginning of July. My whole family (of 10) saw your show and we all enjoyed it so much. . Thanks again for the good entertainment. Sincerely, Ann Jessen

Barnaby, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we were very pleased to meet you and to get to know you. We were really entertained by your show; you have some really impressive skills and talents. We were also very impressed by your humility at the poker table... We had a great time. Keep doing what you're doing......Eric Mordhorst

Thanks Barnaby! I look forward to receiving your DVD. You were the best part of the cruise. Thanks! Janet - Barnesville, OH 43713

Dear "Barnaby", I spoke with my son just last night . He rarely admits to liking anything his parents appreciate but this was an exception - he really enjoyed the DVD! He thought the kid juggling was hilarious. Thanks so much, Allan Eastwood

We loved your show on our Holland America cruise!! Thank You, S. Siebrecht

Dear Barnaby, My entire family really enjoyed your show and we are still laughing about some of your jokes. Thanks for the laughs!!! - Regan Jaros


We had a great time watching you perform and getting to know you a little. That you enjoy what you do is plain to anyone watching and this brings pleasure to your audience. For me, the understated humor and literary references make it uniquely entertaining. The clever routines and juggling skill are a bonus. We hope that your travels take you to our Portland and that you would feel comfortable giving us a call. We have any number of entertainments here to share with an honored guest. Caio, Steve - Portland, Maine

You are simply hilarious. Happy Holidays! Your show was the funniest I have ever seen.

I would love to see you again. - Floyd Petty Hester Rall, Browns Point, WA

Honestly, I can really say that my wife and I enjoyed your performance. You really got us laughing. I wanted to thank you for reminding me how much fun it is to throw things around, and for inspiring me to actually catch them too. I have been juggling a lot more lately, and it's all your fault. Smoothe sailing to you, sir! - Love ya Barnaby! Sincerely,

J~bob and Virginia Voronovitch, Bumpass, VA 23024 USA (Yes, that is really the name of their town)

Barnaby, I was recently on the cruise ship the Oosterdam and caught your performance there. I cannot tell you how darn funny that was. I work under a lot of stress (as you do too) but it is nice to sit back, relax and laugh a little. With you I really laughed a lot. I just wanted let you know how much we enjoyed your performance. You were fantastic. - Alan Wilson

Barnaby, Still trying to absorb you! Thank you for a really great entertaining show, both nights. It was appreciated by all of our family. - Greg B.

I found your entertainment to be absolutely hands-down, the best. I attended both of your shows but the second extended version where you had the audience in the palm of your hand was amazing. It was absolutely hilarious. I have to say that you were so entertaining that all the people around me lost track of time. Anyway, thanks for making my first cruise memorable. I am 57 and this was my first time traveling anywhere. Everything on the boat was fantastic but the only thing the people I traveled with talk, laugh and reminisce about is your entertainment. I have never written anyone to give a compliment but decided to do it this one and only time. You deserve it. Thanks again for a great time and best of all, the memories!! - Matt M.

Saw the two acts you performed on the Oosterdam on the New Year's cruise. You are truly a great entertainer. Your juggling was astonishing, your comedy was uproariously funny and your musical vocals reminded me of one of my favorites, Pete Seeger. Thanks for adding to a great vacation experience. - Bob

My cousins and I were delighted with your show aboard the Oosterdam. I came home raving about you to everyone. I then thought, why hadn't I looked for a CD of yours when I was on the ship. Searched the internet and see that you have one available. Please send me information so I might send for it. Thank you forr making our trip truly exceptional. We loved your great talent as a juggler, your wonderful sense of humor and we also sensed an exceptional human being within you. Sincerely, B. Louis

Hello 'Funny Man',
I enjoyed your performance on the Maasdam and would like to share the DVD with my kids. Sincerely, Sylvin

Barnaby has created a persona that elevates his performance to a level of artistry that is seldom seen in a juggler. His stand up comedy and feats of juggling are unique and display a dedication to character that is rare indeed. The moment he walks onstage you know Barnaby is a one of a kind. He understands something that every performer needs to learn: people are watching him and not just the things he is doing. -- Nick Lewin, profile in "Meetings With Remarkable Magicians."

That was more than entertainment -- it was an experience! - An anonymous audience member

You just added two years to my life. - Anonymous audience member

I had the pleasure of seeing you in two shows. You were the best part of our cruise. I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance and wish you many more years of making people laugh. Your sense of humor is wonderful and your juggling is amazing. I think if you’d been my English teacher in college, I wouldn’t have had to go through life with my participles dangling. You truly were the best part of the cruise. Many thanks, S. Kline

Dear Barnaby,
You are the greatest!
Thank you for your performance on the Amsterdam during our cruise to Alaska Aug. 30-Sept. 6. Your lighted cigarette trick just floored me and my family. You are not just a terrific juggler, you are a great entertainer. Your brief recaps for late-arriving audience members was especially hilarious.
You are so talented. We were also impressed with the trick of having audience members throw balls into the mix of what you were already juggling -- and especially catching the beach ball thrown from the audience on the baton you held in your mouth!
Your entire act was by far the most entertaining and hilarious of the cruise -- and in fact, the most I have laughed in years.

Best wishes,
Charles Brooks
Gautier, MS

You are hands down THE most talented comedian/juggler we've ever seen, and your show is one of the best of any kind we've seen (we saw the Rockettes Christmas Show--they weren't funny, but my husband probably enjoyed looking at them ;)

Thanks again so much! You've made my husband's 49th birthday very special and a total surprise. May God bless you!


Mrs. Rhoda Midyette


. . . one of the best single acts we have ever seen. This man Barnaby had a rapport with the audience that is rare. The way some members of the audience responded to him, you would think they were paid members of his act. I think we caught him on a very special night, when his stars were aligned in just the right orbit, but regardless, whatever you do, don't miss Barnaby, he's sensational...

We loved Barnaby's show. [It was] one of the better shows on a cruise ship and I've seen a few. Thanks. Hugh Anderson


This guy is terrific and should not be missed. He involves the audience and the entire show is inter-active. Don’t miss him. - Keith and Diane Ballweg -

There was a comic/juggler, Barnaby, that was actually pretty good, much to my surprise. -

I saw his show 10 times and it still felt new. He balanced a rose on his chin. He juggled while playing guitar, he juggled a kid and 3 balls... What an entertainer. - ianbartczak

Entertainers Joel Mason and Barnaby:

Both of these entertainers are far and away the best fun with the most laughs and joy I've ever experienced on a cruise ship anywhere, anytime. When they performed I never stopped smiling and they both received standing ovations. When they both performed on the last night, they outdid themselves and were better than the two nights they performed solo if that’s possible. - review, Cruise Critic, Heatherinflorida

ENTERTAIMENT: The two standouts were Kuba, a vibraphone maestro and Barnaby, a comedian who had everybody laughing so hard, our bellies ached. The others were rather run-of-the-mill and the Noordam singers were just average - review, Cruise Critic, Annalise

One thing that stood out on this ship was the entertainment. All of the performers were a notch above the standard cruise fare. Very talented entertainment crew and wonderful choice of guest entertainers. We had Leo Ward, a magician and illusionist, who was also very funny---loved him. We had a comedian named Barnaby who we adored and another comedian/ventriloquist named Don Bryan who was hilarious and the best we've seen. We also saw Delores Park, a singer, who was incredible. Just fabulous entertainment and we looked forward to each night's offering. review, Cruise Critic, cheryls

Our favorite was Barnaby, a juggler/comedian/guitarist/singer- he had great rapport with the audience. review, Cruise Critic, traveler45

My wife and I recently saw your show on the Statendam, en route to Vancouver. We did not know exactly what to expect before we went, and we absolutely enjoyed it! Kathy is a special education teacher (I see that you taught English), and I am a veterinarian. I did like the veterinary/taxidermy joke, and have told several clients and friends about it since we returned. The juggling and humor are a terrific blend. I don't know that we will ever see you in person again, but keep up the great work.
Sincerely, Jay O'Neill
Sandusky OH
P.S. We especially liked the way you got on the people who came in late for the show(the late one we saw). Tardiness drives me crazy.

I laughed until the tears ran down my leg! - fan who preferred to remain anonymous